DeFi Hungry Hoody

A DeFi fashion project. The Worlds first BNB token backed by physical handmade hoodies. Buy and sell real hoodies with digital currency.
Delivered on demand.
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Hood Tokens

We created 25 HOOD tokens on the Binance blockchain. Each representing a real life physical DeFi Hungry Hoody. The initial price of a token is 0.127443 BNB. Approximately $33 USD [23/3/21].

Tokens can be bought and sold in fractions however 1 HOOD token is required to redeem any size DeFi Hungry Hoody delivered worldwide, free shipping.



1/25 available

Dynamic Pricing

The price of HOOD changes when tokens are bought and sold.
Every time a HOOD token is redeemed for a hoody, that token is burned. Burning tokens permanently removes them from circulation thus increasing the scarcity of HOOD.