Nxxxa Ace



King of slowjazz

east la’s most eligible bachelor

Head of Design at digiwish

Owner of grow or Die.

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About Me

Nxxxa Ace,  was born in Philadelphia and raised on the west coast until he moved to North West London for 12 years. In 2014 he released his 1st EP, Hungry Suite:1, then 5 days later he moved back to Los Angeles.

Dubbed the King of Slow Jazz after his performance at the Grand Star Jazz Club, Nxxxa Ace went on to found DigiWish LLC. In order to celebrate reaching 100,000 streams with his EP, he designed Hungry merchandise which included the company’s best seller Hungry Hoody.  

After gaining a sense of selling luxury hand made products, he decided to produce his own and created the clothing brand Grow Or Die.™, in 2018. 

In 2019 Grow Or Die.™ expanded into the foot ware market with Aces first sneaker design, the Los Angeles Leos.

The self proclaimed most eligible bachelor of East LA released his most recent EP, World War 3, on March 23rd 2020. Along with the collection. Growing up in London, provided Ace with an ocean of British influences and they can be heard in this drill project the most.



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